Roque gageac


This splendid village one of the most beautiful villages of France, is nestled whit the foot of its high cliffs in full midday, in a loop of the Dordogne. It enjoys an almost Mediterranean climate. This site was populated as of prehistory and the abundance of the cut stones found in fields and gardens testifies some. The Gallo-Roman period allows a broad settlement of the soft slopes the east of the village, with a Roman way. But as from years 850 the population to be strengthened and to shelter between cliff and river.



Perched with hillside on left bank of the Dordogne, Castelnaud dominates the small borough coiled with its feet. Its former owners, vassal of kings of England, opposed a long time to their neighbors, the lords of Beynac, faithful to kings of France. If the protagonists of these remote quarrels have all disappeared, the two fortresses always continue their immutable face to face, like a mineral challenge with the lapse of memory and the ravages of time.


Castle of BEYNAC

The castle of Beynac is certainly the most beautiful castle of France as well by its architecture as by the beauty of its site. Like a heavy stone caravel, it stands like an anchor on a high calcareous cliff, corroded by the centuries and dominating a charming village.



François de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, undertake the construction of the castle Milandes in a place overhanging the Dordogne. The castle also owes is frame in Josephine Baker, which was owner 1947 to 1968 the "poupounière" where it sheltered adopted children. The Museum of Fauconnerie, located in the highest tower of the castle, presents the Falconers to you.

jardin de marqueyssac


  1. MARQUEYSSAC is one of the most romantic and picturesque gardens of France. Classified site for its historic park of 22 hectares, offers marqueyssac around a castle of the XVIIIe century, more than 6 kilometers of shaded walks, bordered of 150 000 boxwood centenaries cut with hand, and decorated view-points, ruddles, cascades an open-air theatres.
cité médiévale du domme

MeDIeVAL town of DOMME

Medieval city which had be defended against many invaders. It is also, once crossed doors, of which most famous is the door of Turns, with its graffiti of templiers, to succumb to the charm of the royal country houses of the 13e century and to smell themselves a little at home. Domme, has the most famous panorama of Perigord, plunging the Dordogne. Under the fairness of its masoneries of the 14th and 18th centuries saw a fantastic world of natural caves with its colonnades of stalactites and water mirrors, emphasized by sets of light. The important collection of popular objects of the last centuries sheltered in the museum testifies to the everyday life to and regional craftsmen.

ville de sarlat


While walking you in the lanes of the medieval city, you will discover in turn the native house of Etienne of Boëtie, the saint-Sacerdos cathedral, the garden of the enfeus, présidial, the old Sainte-Marie chruch, the Plamon hotel and many other buildings.

village du bournat


The village of Bournat, alive memory of the rural life of the Périgord, make live again, each day, for a hours, the daily activities of a last century Périgourdin village with habits and its craft industry.

gouffre de proumeyssac


Already celebrates at the XVIIIe century for its terrifying legends, the Pit of Proumeyssac was explored only in 1907. Baptized "Crystal Cathedral" Proumeyssac is today the largest arranged cavity of Périgord.

aquarium du bugue


The park Aquarium of Black Périgord, with more than 3 million liters of water and more than 600 fish, the Aquarium of the Black Périgordis without any doubt the largest private fresh water aquarium with open sky. You will find there the lords of our rivers (pike, silvers, sturgeons…) as well as tropical water fish (discus, gouramis, piranhas..) through 300 meters of picture windows.

gouffre de padirac

pit of PADIRAC

The pit of Padirac is a natural cavity of 75 m which opens in the surface of Causse of Gramat, under which to 103 m runs an underground river.

rocher des aigles à rocamadour

eagles rock of ROCAMADOUR

The Rocamadour eagles rock presents to you,in conformity with their biological requirements, more than one hundred of very rare raptors of the whole world.

grottes de lascaux


The western edges of the Massif Central and the northern slope of the Pyrenees are noted for an exceptional concentration of Palaeolithic fact, there are no fewer than one hundred and thirty sanctuaries, the most renowned of which is Lascaux. Located on the left bank of the river Vézère, Lascaux is set a little apart from the traditional prehistoric sites further downstream, between Moustier and Bugue .